This is the website of Team Swiss Fang, the Swiss competition entry to the Australian UAV Challenge. We are developing state-of-the-art autonomous, long range Search and Rescue UAVs.

Drones for Search and Rescue

We are with our partners part of the revolution in the skies, bringing unmanned airplanes into real applications. In the area of Search and Rescue drones can help saving lives. The Australian UAV Challenge is an ideal scenario to demonstrate the performance of our platform.

The following video shows the system we used for our entry in the 2014 challenge:


We have an unique approach, combining a very efficient flying wing airframe with the newest battery technology for maximum range. Our autopilot design performs fully automatic flight and landing. The fully automatic computer vision based lost person detection allows the plane to find lost hikers or other missing people on the ground.


The autopilot developed by members of our team is available as open hardware and the first open hardware autopilot produced in series meeting the CASA safety regulations for the competition. We are not just creating a novel search and rescue plane, but bring the technology to a level where it can be immediately applied in real scenarios and at larger scales.


Our team consists of a number of the PX4 Autopilot Project core developers, allowing us to not just customize the autopilot for the competition task, but to actually design it for it.

Swiss Made

Our team is based in the Zurich Area, called „the silicon valley of robotics“. We have strong ties to ETH Zurich, one of the world leading universities in aerial robotics.

The long range search and rescue drone