A Day with SRF Einstein

Because the competition starts in two weeks already, it was time to see if we’re ready and if our system works when it counts. So yesterday, we added a lot of (camera) pressure, and went for the real thing: setup, start, search, drop, land. And all this with the SRF Einstein TV crew filming us.

The day started off completely unexpectedly with every weather forecast from the evening before was just plain wrong. We were on the airfield at 9am, it rained for another 3 hours…


After the weather cleared up, we started setting up Joe, the bungee and answered a lot of questions for Einstein. Working with Anatol and Sergio was great, can’t wait for the Report.

The program will air on Swiss Television, SRF1 Einstein on the 18. September.


We ended up doing multiple flights and bottle drops. Detecting Joe worked perfectly, but we also found new issues which need fixing. Even though not everything went according to plan, we’re still very optimistic and looking forward to the competition.


Here’s the video from our successful mission:

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