ZETA Sky Observer

We received a sample pre-sales version of the Sky Observer from ZETA Science to test. We will be setting it up as an FPV / UAV platform.


Video of the maiden flight.


9 thoughts on “ZETA Sky Observer”

  1. hello my name Giulian Rossanese, I wanted some information about the sky observer: where can I buy it? I am the commander of a newborn group of anti forest fire and I would give my team some uav, I have already 4 drones but do not have a lot of autonomy and the area is great to see. if you can help I would be grateful

    1. Sorry for the late reply. They are on sale in some online shops which you may have noticed since. If not let me know and I will point you to one that seems to supply them.

  2. This is a great Product!
    I know that the pod and the wings are detachable, but I was curious how you take care of the wires that go from the pod to the motor at the front of the fuselage when assembling it for flight?

    Thank you

    1. Because it is a bit fiddly to detach the wires I leave one wing attached all the time. Otherwise you just need to label them and optionally used servo cable extensions. My pre-release version cables were a little short though they did say they would extend them on the production version.

  3. Now that you have had some time with the sky observer, what do you think would be a good setup if I were to not use the supplied servos, esc and motor? Do you have any more videos of this model?

    1. I haven’t used it that much really as we spend most of our time on VTOL related stuff these days. It has been flying well on the stock setup though I would probably change the motor first if I were to change anything. Zeta stated the motor doesn’t run on 4S (something I’d like to verify though because the motor specs online state otherwise) but it is a low entry-level motor. A motor of your choice that is of same or similar size to ensure it fits the same mounting.

      I did try a deep stall but it didn’t work for me. It just got mushy and sagged in the air though it really didn’t show any unexpected stall behavior. Probably the main reason it didn’t work is that it was fairly windy and really needs calm conditions for it to work.

      I do have some more videos, mainly onboard but they aren’t very impressive. The dome is probably the worst as catches sunlight passing through it and as soon as it gets fine scratches on the dome it is very visible. So I’d probably look at just removing it in future and putting up with the aerodynamic hit.

  4. Thanks for the video, now that you have more flight time with the Observer, could you tell use the flight time you get with your batteries configurations?

    Many Thanks

  5. Hello and good afternoon, Currently I am flying a Buffalo FX79 from Zeta equipped with an APM 2.6 and I am quite happy with the APM. I consider to buy a Sky Observer and having one more (unused) APM I could consider using that one as Autopilot. I wonder if you would be that kind to share your parameter file, would for sure save me some time and potentially some accidents. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Romain

    1. Hi Romain

      We are exclusively using the PX4 stack as we are PX4 team members ;) So I’m sorry, I can’t help you with APM settings, but the plane is very easy to fly and should be quite easy to tune with APM.

      Regards, Simon

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