We believe drones are an important and positive new technology, and our track record shows that we are one of the most competitive groups internationally.


We are not just creating a novel search and rescue plane, but bring the technology to a level where it can be immediately applied in real scenarios and at larger scales at low cost. In contrast to solutions originating from the defence sector this allows to deploy our system broadly in industrialised countries and makes it feasible for developing countries.

About Us

  • Designers of the first open hardware autopilot in series production to meet the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) requirements for the Outback Challenge.
  • Long range (100 km+) electric plane with the newest battery technology
  • Fully automatic person detection and survival kit delivery – this is a fully autonomous robot

Contact and Details

For media inquiries, please contact Simon Wilks. Media can join us on one of our test flight sessions to get a closer look at the system in live operation and ETH lab facilities tours are possible as well.

The long range search and rescue drone