We are offering our sponsors an unique mix of national and international media attention, association to innovation and state of the art technology and a wide network of international contacts in our area.

Hardware Vendors

The Pixhawk autopilot, developed by members of our team at ETH Zurich, is the first autopilot produced in series complying with CASA regulations for the competition. Our team has a lot of experience in creating and adopting hardware that complies with international UAV regulations and is built with safety as first priority. We very carefully log all flight data in our flight data recorder and can not only provide test results and and feedback from an agile and experienced development team, but also 200 Hz raw logging data.

Research and Development

Sponsoring Swiss Fang is an optimal introduction into the international Open Hardware and the Zurich Drone ecosystems, getting you in touch with a talent pool which is involved in creating the leading open hardware autopilot system.

Advertisement and Media Attention

With our novel and state-of-the-art competition entry we receive a lot of national and international media attention. As the recent examples by Amazon and even Renault show, drones are associated with high-tech and innovation.  If you are interested in becoming our main sponsor and need support in creating a drone advertisement, please contact us.

Contact and Details

For sponsoring inquiries, please contact Simon Wilks. Generally we are offering sponsoring opportunities involving:

  • Sponsor logos on website and in Youtube videos
  • Sponsor logos on plane, team clothing and equipment, which will be visible on swiss and australian TV.
  • For main sponsors: In-depth contact to the team and potential for joint workshops
  • Access to flight log data for hardware vendors and evaluation / feedback on software and hardware.

The long range search and rescue drone