We’re going to Australia!

Swiss Fang received the Go decision!

From the OBC committee:

The Go decisions have been made for the 2014 UAV Challenge Search and Rescue competition. We are please to announce that 20 teams have been given a Go decision and have been invited to Kingaroy. The teams are:
Aeolus (Singapore)
Open UAS (Netherlands)
NCSU Aerial Robotics Club (USA)
Team Condor (Australia)
Monash UAS (Australia)
Perth UAV (Australia)
IRSA Group (Iran)
Compass UAV (Australia)
Swiss Fang (Switzerland)
MelAvio (Poland)
VAMUdeS (Canada)
SFWA (Australia)
TinBox UAV 2 (Australia)
Robota (USA)
Rescue Robotics (Australia)
Team Aetournos (France)
H2Joe (Australia)
MUROC Wild Hogs (Australia)
Canberra UAV (Australia)
Team Thunder (Australia)

2 thoughts on “We’re going to Australia!”

  1. Congrats guys, great work! Looking forward to get the latest updates. especially once you are in Aussieland. All the best!

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